Life Coach, Intuitive Counsellor
& Author

“We all have the capability and power to create the lives we deserve.  From time to time all we need is support, guidance and strategy to achieve our goals.  My goal is to support you to self-actualisation and success.”  LB


Deep and powerfully motivational, Awakening covers areas that affect our daily lives like relationships and the power of our thoughts with LB sharing a few personal experiences along the way.  She also shares selected messages that she’s channelled and the research to back up what she presents.   Awakening  opens the door and offers each of us the opportunity to take stock and take control of our lives so we can become truly self empowered and happy.





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Awakening audio book

Immerse yourself in this powerful Audio

· Each audio chapter is approximately 30 minutes long.
· Each 30 minutes packed with information that’s explores perspective and areas you mightn’t have considered before.
· Each 30 minutes exploring the depth of your power!
You get to hear LB’s narration and the intention of the power of the words.  Kick back and allow the words to resound their powerful message for you to consider.
Life coaching
LB has been coaching for many years. Her wealth of personal life experience, professional teaching and business acumen gives her the advantage to support her Clients in addressing specific personal projects whether in work or generally. Her unique strategies and ability to motivate and inspire has resulted in countless successes. LB believes in the holistic approach to coaching that self-empowers her clients to discover their own power and ability to create the lives and successes they deserve.

Sample areas she covers:

• Relationships both in and out of work,
• How to strategize and implement practical steps to achieve the end goal
• How to successfully navigate career changes
• How to manage and be managed effectively
• Attaining mastery of work and personal life balance
• Living your purpose and taking care of self.
• How to handle negative feelings and responses
• Maintaining mental balance to acquire healthy equilibrium
Plus more….
How to successfully navigate career changes


For many years LB has also worked in this field of Talking Therapy. As a highly intuitive person she is able to connect to each of her client’s in a uniquely different way based on their presenting needs. She is adept at supporting her Clients to delve deeply into areas that are impacting negatively in their lives, facing the problems and finding solutions to set them free to live powerfully. In addition to Talking Therapy, she is also a qualified Regression Therapist, which adds another tool that she can offer when or if ever appropriate. Great successes have been acquired through this deep state relaxation platform as her Clients are able to explore their past and their inner feelings in a calm, safe space where healing can occur.

“From time to time we all need someone to talk to that can guide us gently to understand ourselves and our lives more.” LB


LB’s love of creative writing is a much needed outlet from the very important work she does to support others. She says: “The blank page waiting to be filled with words that create their own story, is escapism that excites me. I love to acquaint myself with characters that introduce themselves to me in this process, allowing me to dip into their lives as if they were real.”

Theft of Hearts

Theft of shields
Starting in colonial 1950’s, this book tracks the lives of Edward and Winnie Brown, a wealthy West Indian family and Myles and Edwina Baldwin a white Canadian couple. Both families face immense tragedy and without the knowledge of each other, their lives become inextricably linked. Full of mystery, suspense and sadness this book will capture the heart and mind of the reader with the chaotic and often turbulent life journey of the many characters.

The Guardian Shield

The guardian shield
We think we live individual lives but destiny often has a plan that draws us together. Eighteen-year-old Tazzy Adongo daughter of rich successful parents makes her way from Toronto to the UK to study in UCL. David Bryant is joining the same Uni but his background is polar opposite as the son of an East London gang leader and a promiscuous, needy mother who shows little care for him and then enters Eloise Hammond, wealthy, a former actress and charged with a mission she has a short time to facilitate. The lives of all three strangers converge with mystery, intrigue, abuse and death yet abiding supernatural purpose that they are yet to discover.

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Whilst understandably busy, LB offers UK and International public speaking engagements and whenever possible, personal consultations.  If you’re interested in hiring her, contact for details and availability.

Life coaching – Regression Therapy – Intuitive Counselling – Motivational Public Speaking